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  1. Dosnoventa

    Dosnoventa PRO Barcelona, Spain


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    Last october 2010, Dosnoventa was founded in the city of Barcelona, as the result of the interest of two old friends and well-known city riders, lovers of quality products and with a large professional experience in the world of the fixed wheel. The synergy that bonds them is what spurs them to the…

  2. Protest Sportswear

    Protest Sportswear PRO


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    We are Protest. A design-led boardwear company from Holland. We create beautifully functional clothing and help people overcome the obstacles that stand between them and their boards. Our mission is to help everyone ride more. Our goal is to have as much fun as possible. Our rallying cry is Protest…

  3. James Partridge

    James Partridge Plus London


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    I like chicken noodle soup, make music videos, content films and a bunch of other stuff. Based in London. Holla at me: james@jamespartridge.com

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