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  1. Jason Sondhi

    Jason Sondhi Staff Vimeo HQ


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    In keeping with the meme: I curate the Vimeo. I consume content all day. Follow my twitter, you'll get something good out of it. https://twitter.com/#!/jasondhi I make content too, read my website www.shortoftheweek.com

  2. Andrew David Watson

    Andrew David Watson Plus NEW YORK CITY


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    Andrew David Watson Director / DP -- NYC www.andrewdavidwatson.com List are more fun then awkward third person bios, so here are some interesting facts: - I'm a NYC based Director / DP with an emphasis on creative nonfiction, with an overlap into commercial and narrative. - I love…

  3. AFOL



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    The first in a series of Blocumentaries about the Adult Fans of LEGO.

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