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Norman Bates is a film director. He is the only son of Jazz legend William John Bates, who closely worked with Duke Ellington and Charles Mingus.

Just like his father, Norman was a talented musician, playing both the saxophone and the drums. But after his father passed away,
Norman promised himself never to play music again. Just like that.

After this sad event, Norman's mother, Catherina Lagrande, a renowed ballet dancer, decided to move back to her home country: Belgium. Because of his mother's job, Norman spend most of his childhood travelling between Beirut, New York and Genova. But he feels most at home in Brussels, where he likes to take the subway just to see what will happen, without any plan. Norman believes in the powers of public transport, not in a practical way, but rather as means of entertainment.

After completing his degree in architecture and fine arts, Norman forced himself to reinvent his creativity, leading to his main occupation today: creating films, even worse: commercial films.
While this may seem a strange choice, succes was not long in coming. Norman's films were appreciated by the general public, resulting in various awards around the world. Not that he really cares about them, but Norman likes to collect, just for the heck of it. He also collects Sovjet Russian miniature robots, old Scottisch Whiskey bottles and damaged nodes of woman bags.

Norman Bates has an obsessive eye for detail and a borderline-neurotic commitment to everything that comes his way. He developed a personal style that mixes great cinematic power with a very personal senitivity, resulting in a unique poetic aesthetic that combines stunning imagery with a carefully crafted story background. Bates is working on the border between commercials, music videos and film, but whatever he does, there is always a commitment to humanity. It's always there, it's the glue that holds the work together.

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