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  1. Just ordered my first Gi. Thanks Joe Rogan and Eddie Bravo changing my life one podcast at a time! Been doing Jitsu for about a month now and fuckin' loving it.
  2. He even busted out a twister on the music video!
  3. Damn and I was thinking about the Dave Chappelle interview right before he mentioned it too! GOD DAMN I'm on the Rogan level tonight.
  4. Thats awesome, I was just thinking about enders game when he was talking about people killing people and thinking its a video game. AMAZING book, everybody on here go and download it or buy it do what you gotta do to read this bitch. Props Ronda!
  5. Starting BJJ because of Eddie Bravo! Twister baby.
  6. Dude! I fuckin' was high as hell and walked out of Nacho Lebre in the first 10 minutes too! haha
  7. I really liked the podcast, but I dont like the new setup. In my opinion you should go back to the split screen cameras. I like it when you can see the person talking and see the other persons facial response.