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  1. I have so many movies for you! Documentaries Music Videos Experimental (this one landed me physiological evaluation so you could say it was successful)
  2. Take a breath and enjoy - Brazil Link:
  3. H a t e B ox / A short-film about exploitation, meat and slaughterhouses. Link:
  4. We want to invite you to the III Youth festival of the amateur cinema "Ranok". The festival accepts films for a contest based on the morally-aethetic content, dedicated to ecology,…
  5. Is it a problem if the movie is from 2008?
  6. Hi! You can submit it in this way: The way: videos are accepted by e-mail. For this you have to upload your raw videos in the best quality and size whether on the website for exemple, or to send as torrent-file. Completed applications…
  7. I am interested, how do I submit my film?
  8. The participation in the contests is free of charge