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  1. Check it! (Leave one Quality Comment)

    by Nilz joined

    194 Videos 74 Members

    Review // Critique // Feedback Shorts //Experimental // Motion Graphics // Animation // Avant-Garde Our group is a place to get people together and check out each others videos and give constructive…

  2. Eastern Shorts

    by Gia Milani joined

    35 Videos 22 Members

    This group consists of short films and videos made or produced by the fabulous people from Eastern Canada (the real east, more east than Montreal!)

  3. The Le Mieux

    by Camron Cruze joined

    1,031 Videos 808 Members

    Some things just have to be shared

  4. Adult Clips

    by Elimi joined

    506 Videos 1,217 Members

    Only Adult Movie clips

  5. CINE

    by Cottage Industry Films joined

    48 Videos 79 Members

    Our CINE group on vimeo is in reflection of our live networking event on the first Saturday of every month. What is CINE? CINE is a screening and networking event. It aims to allow filmmakers,…

  6. Sonic Interactivity

    by Sound and Music joined

    94 Videos 52 Members

    A place to share interactive sonic art. It could be processing, OpenFrameworks, MaxMsp, PD, Java, Flash, hardware, installation and anything else that lets you play around with sound in fun ways.

  7. live art, experimental, movement, body

    by Nadia Vadori-Gauthier joined

    1,876 Videos 471 Members

    This group concerns artists working with the the body, in the city or in nature. (visual artists, dancers, movers, live art performers, musicians, video artists ...) Research and experimentation is…

  8. me like music

    by Steve Nelson joined

    7,668 Videos 1,621 Members

    everyone likes listening to music. some people like making music. this group is for everyone and some people!

  9. Roland Sorg's Group1212 WITH Wilda: Die eindrucksvolle Bibliothek im Sprechzimmer des Herrn Dr.Mabuse___________________________

    by Wilda WahnWitz joined

    2,285 Videos 66 Members

    Hello and Welcome everybody ___________ Here SHE is. So you found HER ( in German the group is a female subject: _______ DIE GRUPPE). We (The Moderators & Members) are a fray everybody can…

  10. Cochinos

    by Nesta30 joined

    14 Videos 23 Members

  11. Experimental Narrative

    by Sailors on Belmont joined

    4,314 Videos 1,344 Members

    Experimental techniques used to tell stories. Advancement of the medium. Film and video as a canvas for story telling. I'm afraid of the dark and often wet my bed for protection.

  12. Short Films

    by Erika Lust joined

    28 Videos 53 Members

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