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Paul Burwell is a professional photographer, writer, educator and enthusiastic naturalist with over twenty years experience working with and educating adults. Paul woke up some years ago to discover the Internet company he’d built from the ground up was sold and it was time to find something else to do with his life.

Before leaving a 20 year career in the computer world, Paul was the President of an Internet service provider. While working on new business plans for a new Internet company, he investigated becoming a professional nature photographer and quickly discovered that it was almost impossible to make a living as one. Naturally, he immediately dropped his plans for Internet dominance, sold his house and most of his earthly possessions and decided to take a vow of poverty as a nature photographer, and he’s never been happier.

Now Paul has built a career in the world of nature photography with a passion for wildlife. He is a contributing editor and regular columnist with Outdoor Photography Canada Magazine and a photography instructor at Metro Continuing College. In addition to his courses at Metro, Paul conducts a number of photography workshops and tours each year to rave reviews.

Paul’s foray into photography began during high school when he constructed a dark room in his closet where developer spills stain the floor to this day. When it came time to choose a serious career Paul was torn between photography and computers and ultimately the remuneration rewards of an information technology career that won out.

Paul currently resides in the beautiful prairie city of Edmonton, Alberta Canada nicely situated between the Great Plains, the Rocky Mountains and the Boreal Forest.

You can see more of Paul’s work on his website, Paul Burwell Photography.

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