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I'm a visual effects film student in Australia :D

Love film(s) !

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  1. liquidcactus commented on MODERN TIMES
    amazing man you are a wonderful person and I love you
  2. Wow man sooooo impressive and inspiring. I finished a tertiary VFX course about 7-8 months ago. I had to make a nuclear bomb explosion in AE.. I wish it looked more like yours haha ! did you make yours in NUKE ??(no pun intended ^_^) I'm just…
  3. Holly shit that was unreal.. the lady playing the mother gave me serious meryl streep vibes.. everything was amzing, flowed so naturally
  4. only a day ? Jesus, you must know what your doing.. it takes me a day to decide what to make with particles.
  5. mad tits
  6. I wonder how many dudes on set were praying for this shoot to turn into a PORNO
  7. wow did u use AE to make this ? or nuke ?