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1.) When the videos are shot, I get permission from the bands first (or after I'm done recording them). This also includes permission from management when I can't contact the band. ALL VIDEOS ARE FOR FREE PROMOTION ONLY. No videos will be used for profit of any kind with the exception from the band themselves. I do this site for the love of music and the scene in and around the Cincinnati area. Any band that has an issue with one of their videos being online and wants me to delete it you can contact me through my facebook page (George Forste) or my email (

2.) copyrights of music. I do NOT have the rights to any of the songs shown within the videos, but I do not profit from them as well. As In paragraph 1 on the disclaimers I got permission from the bands to show their performance online for free. I will NOT profit from these videos nor will I accept any offer from 3rd parties (unless from the band themselves). So don't even try.

3.) The views and opinions expressed within the videos that you see on the C.L.S.V.A. site does not necessarily reflect the opinions of the moderator and production names involved. Only hate speech, nudity in a sexual manner will it be edited for content or never released at all. Otherwise freedom of speech is essential to reflect all aspects within our society right down to religion, sex, gender and political ties. This site is to document different views and opinions expressed in music.

ps: The archive now has a facebook page.!/pages/Cincinnati-Local-Scene-Video-Archive/187031741313904

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