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  1. too bad javascript jsonp is not allowed. If its not then I think Vimeo staff should clearly mention it in the documentation. I wasted 4 days to come to conclusion that it is not possible to make advanced api calls by using just javascript. Just…
  2. I know it works that way, but then I am restrained to max 3 pages of 20 videos each.
  3. Yeah, using the Simple API is totally fine.
  4. What about the methods that dont require authentication like this for example? And how does the query looks like in this case? So far I used it like this: var url = '
  5. You still have to use OAuth, which we don't recommend in javascript because you cannot protect the secret.
  6. I have the same question. Thanks
  7. Are there any Javascript examples on how to use the advance api? I tried issuing a "Get" with the following url: And I got an error saying i"nvlaid api key". I guess…
  8. Brad, Can I make call from my javascript to the php library? If so, can you give/point me to a simple example (i.e. do a search on topic sport). Thanks, Carl