Henrik Nilsson 'El Sheriffo'

Malmoe, Sweden

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I´ve been composing/designing FX/producing/mixing and mastering sound of all types since 1993.

Started in music, then continued to radio/TV/cinema sound around 2008.

I want to network with insdustry or independent people/companies and teach/learn and have fun.

Get at me anytime for anything sound!

I have done Audio advertisement production (music, SoundFX, foley, mixing & mastering) for Radio/ TV/ Cinema together with my friends at:

iambrand.se (Malmoe, Sweden)
sodraesplanaden.se (Lund, Sweden)
redhousemedia.se (Malmoe, Sweden)
vurpa.com (Malmoe, Sweden)

Showreel upon request.

SOFTWARE: Logic Pro, Pro Tools

Anything. If it is not my specialty...give me a week and I will know all there is to know. Books and practice is my weapon.

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