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DEVINO - Director Artist and Photographer
-The Photographer -

Devino has covered a lot of ground as a photographer. A painter by trade, he takes the element of artistry and combines it with his sensitive-style imaging. Quickly climbing the ranks in digital and film, Devino has shot portraits of celebrities, models, high profile fashion and newsworthy events, as well as indigenous people around the world. He has perfected a technique of pulling the feminine, soft, and delicate qualities through his female subjects, and he captures light brilliantly with each frame. This is where his training as a painter has propelled him forward. With Tricoche, not one to just snap a photograph, there is always intent.

-The Painter- Agenda Magazine

Specializing in watercolors, Devino developed his wild, passionate style by juxtaposing watercolors with a dry brush technique, occasionally fusing acrylics, chalk, and other natural elements. Devino's range is vast. While he paints a landscape or mural, an unsettling calm hovers, and the raw sexual essence that is his trademark always pervades. He exposes—he releases—he inhibits, and every nerve ending is accompanied by each stroke of his brush. When experiencing Devino's work, one can feel his jagged angst, and that is the very DNA that makes up this brilliant painter.

Devino's paintings are realistic, surreal, captivating, disturbing, and arousing. Just look at his "Angel Series" and you will begin to understand the intent behind his work.

Devino is a passionate photographer and a rare and gifted artist. How fortunate are they who have been and will be immortalized on a Devino abstract canvas.

Agenda Magazine

Devino Has Worked With or for:

Richard Harris. Allen Bates. RIVER PHOENIX. Sam Shepard. Dermot Mulroney. Angela Lansbury. Bill Irwin. David Shiner. Arturo Gil. Joseph S. Griffo. David Hasselhoff. Erika Eleniak. Rosie Perez. Madonna. Michael Bolton. PEOPLE Magazine. Inside karate. Ron Powell. BON JOVI. gypsy Kings.

Agenda Magazine

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