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I am all about sound capture and the creative manipulations one can utilize in our ever expanding world of technological enhancement. And the visual medium is pretty damn cool too.

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  1. Go straight to the depths of Hades, Melvin. You have no idea what AWESOMENESS is. Bye_Bye with your basura crap. Kawehi: Do not listen to heathens as he. Put him out of your mind. YOU have moved many.
  2. You are a sad excuse for humanity, Melvin. Go do some work of your own, bring it back here and let us critique your cretinous work. Crawl back under the rock from whence you came and please DO NOT RETURN!
  3. Amazing! A live sound engineer buddy of mine just sent this to my FaceBook feed and I just shared it with my students in the City College of San Francisco - Broadcast Electronic Media Arts program. THIS IS SO INSPIRING, Kawehi! your new fan, …