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Born in Barga (Lu) on 14/07/1988, by mere spectator and devourer of film, turned into an autodidact of the seventh art making short movies in VHS-C and Hi8.
Obviously the digital was the next step, in fact, gave the young videomaker countless ways to experience languages and techniques learned simply by watching the films of his favorite authors.
Graduated from the Art School A. Passaglia (Lucca) begins to follow intensive courses on directing and screenplay, workshop on the role of the operator video and video-on editing, meetings on new technologies film at Lucca, Pisa, Florence and Rome followed by industry professionals.
In fact, his skills ranging from concept to completion of a short film, video, documentary, video art, also lends itself as a freelance photographer for photo books, photo art and / or nature.
In his video prevails a visionary language, fragmented, led by a symbolic narrative that blends with places and scenarios almost poetic, then digging deep in the bowels, fears and dependencies of the human sphere.

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