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My projects are excavations for levity, buried inside the serious, designed to stretch commonly accepted definitions. Using interactive technology and virtual video projections, I sometimes challenge convictions that the ground beneath our feet is stable. The Global Warming/Bursting Seams project displays the fickle nature of global warming at the Museum Quarter in Vienna, Austria. Using digital mapping to create a virtual window of a real window in the space, people can view outside to experience the unpredictable weather changes associated with global warming conditions. My Environmental portraits focus on exposing the current instability of gravitational trust, exploding structures and reliance into particles of dust, and forcing us to re-build matter on the slant of an uphill battleground. I like creating bridges to travel between the-real and the-fictive solids that build our memories. Other interactive projects include “CRISS~CROSSING THE DIVINE”; an interactive artwork motivated by ever-expanding religious intolerance that fuels violence and global wars. The multi-faith sanctuary empowers individuals to be in dialogue with 46,000 original scriptures from five diverse Faiths: The Old Testament, The New Testament, The Quran, The Hindu Rig Vedas, and Buddhist texts. The installation includes robotic Devotee sculptures that invite people to play interactive games that underscore that intolerance is a function of something other than different religious beliefs. With interactive wands the individual curates topics and assigns more or less importance to each topic-word they select to explore while the database parses and integrates the player’s topic-word assignments of more or less importance, to determine which three hundred color-coded scripture results will display.
Playing the interactive games acknowledges that as the world turns our personal perspectives change and accordingly what we search to find within the scriptures shifts. The participant later learns from which religions their color-coded scripture results originated at a dedicated website. Today is yesterday's tomorrow unless we can insure that search/results can never settle into a permanent groove. The deeper goal of these installations is to challenge entrenched perspectives and discover new questions that lead to new responses, ad infinitum and with no amen.

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