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Deerfield, IL

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i love to travel, mainly "cold" places...although i have been to a few "warm" places, but those are not usually my target destinations.
i really enjoy creating movies and slide shows with my photos and videos from my also makes me aware how much work and patience goes in to creating movies, the editing of the images with transitions and especially the music to fit the various scenes.

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  1. i retried uploading my video directly from my Imovie page one more time and it worked - finally! thank you for your response... beryl
  2. hi zena, tuesday morning i tried one more time to upload my video from my iMovie location. the very first time i tried, a couple days ago, it wouldn't allow me to upload. so i tried from the vimeo site and that is where it only uploaded the trailer…
  3. i tried uploading my video twice. the first time only the beginning (attached trailer to video) was loaded, not the entire video.... then i tried once more later on and the same result. only the beginning trailer, which is part of the entire video…