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Peter Sardi has been Acting in all three mediums of Film, Television and Theatre for 30 years having worked with The Melbourne Theatre Co. and Playbox. In 1980 Peter began a series of workshops for actors to further explore the teachings he had studied earlier in America. As well as appearing in numerous Television dramas eg. Wildside, Blue Heelers, Stingers and M.D.A and most recently in CITY HOMICIDE. Peter has appeared in several Australian Feature Films, three in which he was also employed as 'acting coach'. Peter has also directed for the theatre:- THE PASSING OF ERWIN staged at The Universal Theatre, SAM &THE BLUE ROSE at the Carlton Court House, the critically acclaimed production of LONE STAR staged at Chapel off Chapel and BIRDBATH also at Chapel Off Chapel – December 2000. His more recent productions include – SISTERS, MINNESOTA MOON and SONNY DeREES LIFE.


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