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I'm Tammy of Tam-Tam Glam Slam Reviews . My You Tube Channel is Tammymarykay1. Come check me out, my Vimeo video Channel consist of reviews of things that I like and want to share with you. I mostly like to do reviews, tutorials and demonstrations on everything from makeup, to health and exercise products, advice ,fashion, reality shows, and just plain video vlogging.

I feel that using positive affirmations for self confidence and self-belief can be an effective way to transform any negative beliefs and self talk into positive beliefs. We have the power to create the kind of life we want in this lifetime, simply by directing your subconscious mind and feeding ourselves positive affirmations and also believing in our abilities to be the best we can be at all times. I believe my assignment here on earth is to help people see the goodness in themselves. I enjoy encouraging, motivating, and lifting up people spirits

Know that I love you. And reach out!-- I'll be sure to visit your channels as well.

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Visit my Avon website & Blog page: youravon.com/tammystephens

Follow me on Twitter: twitter.com/Tammymarykay1

You Tube Channel: youtube.com/user/tammymarykay1

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Visit me on Tumblr: Tammymarykay1.tumblr.com/

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Instagram: @Tammymarykay1

“Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.” ― Marilyn Monroe

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