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  1. Houdini Official Tutorials

    by Jordi Bares joined

    36 Videos 170 Members

    A compilation of Official Houdini from Side Effects in one convenient group so you can enjoy it on your Apple TV or any other non-computer device.

  2. EQUILOUD´s Tutorials

    by EQUILOUD. joined

    29 Videos 1,452 Members

    Cinema 4D & After Effects Tutorials moderated by Equiloud. Visit: www.equiloud.de More Tuts:www.c4d-ae-resources.blogspot.de Requests are welcome.

  3. Octane Render For Cinema 4D

    by aoktar joined

    645 Videos 522 Members

  4. Krakatoa Love

    by phizikl // Ian Clemmer joined

    748 Videos 919 Members

    Do you love Krakatoa? Thinkbox Software's particle rendering software, capable of handling billions of particleS? This is the group for you, throw anything in made with this software, experiments,…

  5. Softimage Tutorials

    by Eric T joined

    463 Videos 766 Members

    This group focuses on training videos for Autodesk Softimage.

  6. Softimage ICE Videos

    by Alan Fregtman joined

    2,477 Videos 1,776 Members

    A place to find all the "cool" stuff made with Softimage's ICE platform. :)

  7. Nice Motion Graphics Stuff on Vimeo

    by EQUILOUD. joined

    2,017 Videos 649 Members

    A collection of nice works, to keep everybody inspired. PLEASE just add MOTION GRAPHICS, CGI & ANIMATION.

  8. Quantum Force

    by PROJECT-4D joined

    35 Videos 41 Members

    share your Quantum Force renders and sim previews and most of all have fun!


    by Vitor Teixeira joined

    3,604 Videos 1,884 Members

    A place not only for Effects Artist but to all creative people that want to learn and share experiences, knowledge in the world of Fluid Simulations. Experiments, Making Of´s, Tutorials and…

  10. Turbulence FD C4D

    by Eugenio Herrera joined

    196 Videos 216 Members

    fire and smoke in Cinema 4D plugin Turbulencefd

  11. Turbulence FD

    by Josh Johnson joined

    129 Videos 275 Members

    Simulations and renderings created with Cinema 4D and Turbulence FD.

  12. //cluster//

    by David Feuerstein joined

    499 Videos 78 Members

    handpicked selection of crafted inspiration. feel the flow.

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