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Wil Film ApS is a Copenhagen based film production company founded by producer Erik Wilstrup in 2002.

Wil Film started as a small production company focusing on commercials but has since 2005, experienced a growing involvement in long format storytelling projects. This development continues while still being heavily engaged in service-work production.

Over the years we have created internationally acclaimed animated TV series and TV-specials for LEGO, a trilogy of feature films in collaboration with Crone Film, as well as having a number of in-house developed short films in production. We also produce worldwide commercial campaigns on a regular basis.

Our industry network involves partners, clients, studios and creatives from USA, Canada, Poland, UK, France, Germany, China and other countries. This network consists of first class screen writers, composers, voice directors, voice talent, animation studios, designers, CG artists etc.

Wil Film has recently relocated in to a charming red brick old factory on Viborggade 70 –in the Østerbro district, one of the most affluent areas in the “Wonderful Copenhagen"–. The building also accomodates the leading postproduction facilities JAM Music&Effects and Cameo.

Truly an inspiring place to be!

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