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This page exhibits videos from Unshod Quills.

Unshod Quills is a literary and arts journal born to showcase the efforts of a far flung but closely knit band of writers and artists huddled together against the lonely effort of creation. While submissions are solicited and accepted from outside the group, the bulk of the work shared in the electronic pages of Unshod Quills was homegrown in a little garden patch with tendrils all over the world. All contributions to Unshod Quills are based on topics assigned by the editor, and the art and writing on the website are connected by those themes.

Unshod Quills was founded by Editor-In-Chief Dena Rash Guzman, a Las Vegas born author and visual artist who now lives on a farm near Portland, Oregon. Published around the world, Dena is also the Managing Director of North America for the Shanghai based indpendent English language press, H.A.L. Publishing.

website: unshodquills.com

Facebook: on.fb.me/jKM2Wo

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