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Fiesole, Firenze

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Think Benci is a project of Anna Maggi, Caterina Zanasi, Annalisa D’Urbano and Irene Borsotti.

Think Benci is a project based on innovation and enhancement of the cultural and artistic ethos of Pensione Bencistà, in order to project such values into the 21st century. Think Benci gathered like-minded creatives to organize and promote art, culture and design projects in the Hotel.

Think Benci is an initiative of Anna Maggi, niece of the owners of the hotel. Anna has created this project as a Master thesis in Communication Design at Central Saint Martins in London. Now Think Benci has evolved in a greater project thanks to Caterina, Annalisa and Irene.

Design is a language that goes beyond linguistic and national differences; Think Benci believes that cultural exchanges are one of the foundations of our generation. For this reasons we are undertaking projects that involve both schools of art and design and international artists and designers.

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