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The UVU Artist Series is a video podcast that features artists of all backgrounds and disciplines, taking a look at their experiences and perspectives within the creative process. We will typically release a new episode once a month.

Currently we are featuring artists actively involved in the communities of Utah County, but we are open to expanding the scope of the series down the road

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  1. A7mad Sa3eed
  2. Bluemarine
  3. Nathan Allison
  4. artZeug
  5. Dustin Faddis
  6. Karen Curley
  7. Andrew Smith
  8. New Land Media Works
  9. Gary Warner
  10. topicgirl30
  11. Steve Coleman
  12. rob dalton
  13. Andrea Alcaraz
  14. Luis Diego París
  15. Chris Schuler
  16. Scott Wilson