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We are the University of Waterloo Federation of Students.

We respect that students are the owners of the Federation of Students and the primary reason for our existence

We wish to enhance the quality of life for students by promoting a safe, secure and environmentally conscious campus.

We will strive for innovation and continuous improvement in all that we do to increase the level of service offered to students.

We seek to maintain a fair and reasonable academic environment providing affordable, accessible, and quality education.

We want protection of intellectual freedom and an environment conducive to student discussion on all issues.

We strive for unity in our campus community by promoting tolerance of diversity in all aspects of campus life.

We will have an accountable Feds with sound financial management by being transparent, communicative and responsive.

We will work to involve students in extra curricular activities to help students discover their potential.

We will utilize all communication resources available to efficiently disperse and receive information.

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