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  1. PEX Tubing

    PEX Tubing New York


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    We have just the right choice of the PEX tubing and a wide range of PEX plumbing products and radiant heating supplies. PEX manifolds, PEX fittings, circulation pumps of Grundfos, Little Giant and Taco Circulators such as 007, 009 and 0013 are the most widely used products and we are never out of stock…

  2. Uzbek Initiative

    Uzbek Initiative New York


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    Uzbek Initiative is a global NETWORK of young professionals with good will, whose purpose is to increase the knowledge and understanding of Uzbek society and culture around the world and to empower the community and global-cultural exchange

  3. Jennifer Ruiz

    Jennifer Ruiz ruizjenn2@gmail.com


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    You can see my actual work at vimeo.com/Jenniferruiz This is just the silly stuff.

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