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After years of perfecting his craft as an emcee, veteran lyricist Venomous 2000 was blessed by the birth of his daughter. With his newfound urge to create tangible memories of his child's life, Venomous decided to pick up a camera and capture each of her precious moments on film. Venomous' self-reliance became apparent once he expanded his knowledge and learned how to record and edit music videos. With a natural eye and perfectionist character, Venomous' work has gained attraction from fans worldwide and has provided him the opportunity to grant clients the most unique, and beautiful images of events ranging from live music concerts, weddings, activist conferences, and more. As he continues to expand and progress as an artist, photographer and videographer, Venomous 2000 looks forward to the release of his newest projects so he may have the opportunity to share them with the same fans that have helped build his notariety thus far.

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