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"Vacant Fever has delivered one of the most promising records of the year. In an age where "mainstream" indie rock has become stale, predictable and non-threatening. KILL KILL KILL reminds us why we fell in love with rock and roll in the first place."
“Fans of pre-Nevermind Nirvana will want to snatch this up in a heart beat; while not exactly aping the feeling of Bleach, the record none-the-less evokes the same spirit of rock and roll missing from their fellow Washingtonians’ more polished release.”

-Benjamin Ricci (Performer Magazine -"Vinyl of the Month")

“On their upcoming 7” EP KILL KILL KILL, Vacant Fever offer up electro-psych tunes with as much thrust and raw energy as any dance floor- or house party-tested albums out there.”

-Kate Shepherd (The Deli Magazine)

“Pulsing rhythms and sweeping guitar waves exemplify their sound accurately in a song like “Like It or Not”, which is a short and concentrated snapshot of Vacant Fever’s curiously grasping sound. Following that is “Don’t Look Down” which helps further prove this bands menacing, post-punk attitude. The track drips with a dark and twisted energy driven by grungy guitar shards and bruising, tom-heavy drumming, hereby leaving us hungry for any future releases from the band.”

- The Styrofoam Drone

“Vacant Fever, who are playing around with the unused, extreme settings on weirdo pedals to create idiosyncratic massive grooves over complex drum arrangements that never veer into math, but more jazz or progressive inspired rhythms.”

-Jason (7 I N C H E S .blogspot)

“this little chunk of vinyl has been one of the biggest surprises I’ve had so far in 2012.”
“the songs are full of great hooks, and blunt yet effective lyrics. (With song titles such as “Restless & Young,” “Yeah Yeah Yeah” and “Like It or Not,” you shouldn’t expect anything else.) Best of all, you can order Kill Kill Kill from the band’swebsite for a measly $7, starting March 6. You even get an MP3 download of the EP for free with purchase. You can also check out their other album, 2011’s Heparin and Saline, for free. I know I will.”

-Marc Phillips (The Vinyl Anachronist)

“Bands like Vacant Fever have made parents hate rock and roll since the 90s… 80s, the 70s; shit, forever…”


“It is quite a departure from the majority of previous (excellent) album Heparin And Saline (still available free here), and for us recalls some of the classic work of bands likeWire or Gang Of Four. It is jerky, minimal and, best of all, genre-defying!”

-The Mad Mackerel

“Like It or Not” is the poppiest track on the album, and I really fucking liked it, but at 1:22, it was like a premature ejaculation….I was bummed it was over already and wanted more.

-Jason A. Friendt (Seismic-Sound)

“They definitely take a lot from Queens of The Stone Age’s second and third album and sound like a band with more members than just two, which is all good by me. There is a limited vinyl release of 500 copies but here it is for readers of this blog to listen to. Vacant fever say, “We will sell out better than anyone else, trust us.
Get high, close your eyes & listen to our new EP”.”

-The Small Takeover

"Nothing but good can be said about Vacant Fever. Grinding, fuzzy guitar work? Hells yeah! Naughty, tight, minimalist percussion? Hells to the yeah, again! These kids are right on the verge of something that will take them from good to f’n insane."

- The Seattle Weekly

“Even their nation wide tour is a bare-boned affair. Hitting a mix of big city venues & smaller college towns…”

-George Atkins (The Oxford Eagle)

“I don’t want to be presumptuous here, but when I listen Heparin & Saline, I think about drugs. I’m not talking about ends of ropes, Shannon Hoon and Layne Staley’s last two weeks on earth or anything so destructive and desperate, but perhaps the volatile brand of fuel that deliveredWhite Light/White Heat to the unsuspecting masses, or anything the Spacemen 3 did in the early ’90s.”

-Marc Phillips (The Vinyl Anachronist)

“VACANT FEVER, a hard-hitting duo from Seattle. From the first track it’s a serious blend of heavy stoner rock with some serious psych issues. Reminds me a little of VERY early Kings of Leon (before they turned shit), if they were produced by Josh Homme there’s a lot fo that desert highway sound in there. Lovely!”

-The Reykjavik Sex Farm

“unsettling indie rock and psych-folk which, as in the case of one of our taster tracks, Heavy Leather, is one of the current contenders for the end of year Best Of lists, a brilliantly sparse and stripped back affair with not a wasted note or murmur from first moment to the last. This is a real keeper.”

-The Mad Mackerel

“The opener, You Shouldn’t Let Poets Lie to You, hearkens back to that city’s grunge era. One could easily imagine this track as something off the Singles soundtrack. Early in Singles, Campbell Scott spends his time wading through clubs where loud, buzzing guitars complement the endless drone of morose frontmen. It’s easy to envision Vacant Fever fitting into this scene.

However, the band shirks defining themselves in a particular genre, and their approach to other tracks reflects this. For example, A Hospital Isn’t A Place combines elements of modern rock and jangle pop. Heparin & Saline is reminiscent of the alt. rock age that preceded grunge. Hide the Knife is a hauntingly beautiful mix of grunge and psychedelia. I Die Everynight is straight up, tripped out, psychedelic rock that would make Syd Barrett smile.

This not ‘just another’ wannabe Seattle band. These guys have chops, and really reflect influences from a 40 year period of modern rock music. If anything, Vacant Fever represent an evolution of the sound that made Seattle famous, and more good news–we’ll be getting new stuff from them soon.

After finishing a tour through the states in May and June, DMM and Leon Spinx (who don’t want you to know much about them. They’re a little too young to be evading taxes?) are back in the studio and hoping to tour following their next release.“

-The Dadada

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