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Eric Schuijt has cycled over 200.000 kilometers through more than ninety countries and has written four books about his trips. And three other books on cycling as well.

In 2003 he openend his very specialised shop De Vakantiefietser (The Holidaybiker) in Amsterdam. They sell only one kind of bikes; travelling bikes.
And also camping equipment, clothing, maps, guidebooks and they provide travel information.

With customers not only from the Netherlands, but also from abroad, his shop is the leading shop for cyclists that want to explore the world by bike.

His creativity comes from his musical Conservatory education, his mangamentskills from a heavy MBA-study and his relational skills because of NLP and TA.

In november and december Eric is always cycling somewhere in the southern hemispheres. In the other months you find him in his shop or behind his drumkit with his band Airbag Mustard.

Despite all the hardship Eric is getting more handsome as he ages.
I should know because I have written this piece.


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