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Having grown up with my father taking me in and out of film sets and studios since I can remember, I could say that I have developed a keen interest and passion in the world of film production from a young age.

My first hand on experience started during my high school years - I was very impatient and wanted to start "getting my hands dirty" on set as soon as possible.

After finishing my high school studies in 2006 I started working full time for Bedeschi Film and although I had my dream job and I loved the people I was working with I felt I needed to do something different with my life first. Call me crazy if you wish! But that's why I packed my suitcase and in January 2007 I was on a plane with a one way ticket to London in my hands. I never looked back.

It's been almost a decade now and I love this city more and more every day. I met fantastic people from all over the world, traveled to some beautiful places I never thought I would visit and - with great surprise - I found myself studying again. In fact, I have completed my BA in Media & Communications at Goldsmiths University of London in April 2012 and thanks to this experience I have discovered a new passion: Animation! This is a discipline I took a real liking to and as a result of it I decided to take a step further and joined Escape Studios in July 2014 and enrolled in their 3D for VFX course, which I completed in September 2014.

My goal is to improve my current skills and gain new ones, so that this passion of mine will also become the profession I love and dream of.


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