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San Francisco, Ca

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Van Aragon of San Francisco began in 2013 as an effort to create a concept album based on the "Corporations are People Too" political gaffe. It later expanded into personal themes of alienation, disillusionment, defiance, and hope. Van Aragon's unique style has a wide array of influences: classical, experimental, psychedelic, soul, electronic, grunge, post punk and art rock. The trio - consisting of Sam Van Diest on keys, lead guitar, and beats, Schuyler Dean on bass, and Andrea Aragon on vocals, rhythm guitar, and beats - comes from vastly different musical upbringings. Sam has roots in the classical world as a cellist, composer, pianist, keyboardist, and electronic guitarist and Andrea comes from a background in alternative, folk, and soul music. Van Aragon will release its debut single in the fall of 2014.

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