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Thank you for visiting the Vimeo for Vanderbilt Television! VTV is a division of Vanderbilt Student Communications, Inc. VTV is Vanderbilt University’s official student television station. Our station is located on Channel 6 on the campus cable system, and is streamed live around the world, so our shows are seen by both those on and off campus. VTV utilizes some cool remote video equipment that allows us to broadcast live from anywhere on campus. In the past some events we’ve covered have included Dance Marathon, The Battle of the Bands at Rites of Spring, The Lambda Drag Show, Spoken Word, and our unique VTV events like VTV At The Commons & VTV Snow Day.

VTV programs can be watched several ways. They’re on your television on Channel 6, streamed live on our website 24/7, and shows are also made available for viewing “on demand”. Catch your favorite shows live on TV, on our stream, or watch at your convenience, three great ways to catch VTV’s awesome programming.

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