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Vanessa, sometimes know as Kukha, is mostly a producer. Loves to work for something beautiful to happen with all the creative and organizing skills as one.
Graduated in EPCI and after in ETIC (Image and Communication Technical School), she begans to work as an event producer, and then life sent her to her very first passion, fashion! And start working as a fashion stylist, then as a make up artist and finally as a fashion producer.
"Since i was very little i drew clothes, all the scenario and my dolls were always well dressed! And listened to music and imagined all the story and video in turn of it!"
Half portuguese, half french, with african blood in the middle, Vanessa allready lived in Seattle and in London and loves to travel to get inspiration.
Already had her own production company know as La vie en rouge, now she's looking for something new!!

Here i am to share some videos that i worked for from fashion editorial i produced, captured and edited by amazing professionals that i meet along the way,


  1. Nuno Carmo
  2. John Filipe
  3. Duarte Domingos
  4. Pedro Matos
  5. Jose Pedroso
  6. Tiago Ribeiro // BOLD CS
  7. Maria Rijo
  8. Jose Matos
  9. Ismael Prata
  10. Angelo  Toffes
  11. Pedro Sousa
  12. dinis&gustavo