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London, UK

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Vanessa Harden is an installation designer who creates unique experiences that are based around the interaction between people, spaces and objects.

She is a creative partner at Wild Flag Studios, a collective of artists and designers that engage with interventions, interactive installations, public sculpture and film. Their projects include the design and build of the “Liquid Alchemy Machine” for the launch of Baileys' Chocolat Luxe as well as “QUEERCOY,” a public intervention for WorldPride's human rights campaign.

Between 2011-2012 Vanessa worked at Jason Bruges Studio as Senior Designer, leading the design and production of some of their high profile projects, including the award winning More 4 Rebrand, the Aerial Dynamics project in Coca Cola's Olympic Pavilion and BF Goodrich interactive installation in California.

In 2009, Vanessa obtained her Masters degree in Design Interactions from the Royal College of Art in London and was awarded an iF Concept Award for her graduating project “The Subversive Gardener.” Based in London, Canadian born Vanessa Harden’s work has been published internationally and exhibited around the world.

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