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At the early age of 8, LeVar found himself behind a camera that his late uncle let him play with just to past time. not knowing what to do, he started shooting with his hand me down VHS camera short stories, videos, and family gatherings…….then at the age of just 12, he found himself in front of a computer learning the basics of an industry leading film editing software called AVID. Taught by Tate Bunker, LeVar quickly became familiar with the interface and enjoyed creating with the software. During the years of learning with Strive Media Institute, LeVar has learned all the aspects of video production (scripting, shooting, storyboarding, lighting techniques, editing, and audio) from concept to final product. He traveled the country filming different event, was nominated for 3 Emmy Awards winning one at age 16 (student), 18 (student), and 20 (Associate Producer), Now at the age of 24, He finds himself looking for more unique ways to learn. LeVar enjoys getting his hands into all aspects of video and film production by using his artistic skills and applying them to the vision on screen. He’s an upcoming Photographer/ Music Video director.

“I’m a young entrepreneur, looking into starting my own photo/film/Graphic design production company in the future. I’m looking and willing to do any interning or PA work for Directors/ Projects. I’m Interested in working behind the cameras to gain a better understanding on producing Music Videos,Commercials, etc.” -LeVar Pickens

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