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Vasant Swaha is a modern mystic, a man of freedom, a friend.

"You can call me anything, that is up to you.
I am just myself, one who is sharing an overflowing love and joy of Being."

This Sharing we call Satsang...
A meeting heart to heart...
A recognition of the eternal Self.
Around Vasant Swaha this happens in a climate of laughter, blissful tears and silence.

Satsangs & retreats are happening in Norway, Brazil and the Himalayas.

In Norway we have a beautiful place in the mountains called Dharma Mountain, an oasis of peace and silence in the world.

In Brazil the retreats happen in Mevlana Garden by the vast ocean, where the mystery of life is lived and enjoyed in its totality.

Friends and seekers come from all over the world. In this gathering transformations and awakenings are happening.


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