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London, United Kingdom

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Vasco De Mello

I would like to work as a Texture Artist, Modeller (props, creature and character), Animator or Lighting and Rendering.

I have always had a passion for Animation for as long as I can remember. Wanting to share my story ideas in this style is a dream of mine, and so I first started by writing to Maxim to get a free non-commercial copy of Cinema 4D, which with more research led me into learning 3DS Max, all before I got into college where I began to learn Maya to get a head start before I started University.

Animation was and still is fun for me, I would rather work on bringing my work alive then watch TV or do anything else, sometimes I can get so absorbed I lose track of time. If I am not at home on the computer animating, I will be drawing in a pocket sized sketchbook, and every time I get an idea I note it down. I have managed to amass almost 4 books of ideas, notes, sketches all waiting to be made into an animation.

Now that I am finished with University, I have got a long list of skills from many years of research and experiments. I can work in Cinema 4D, 3DS Max, Maya, Mudbox and AfterEffects.
Experimenting with different plugins has led me to learn how to use MentalRay and V-Ray.

My passion in animation has led me to work on many ideas, I wish to eventually gain as many contacts as I can to fulfil my dream of creating a small studio, where I can continue to share my stories on a bigger scale.


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