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Belgrade, Serbia

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Vasja Stanković (alias Vaskez) was born on September 17, 1984 in the centre of Belgrade. As a twelve year old, he won the first prize at an international caricature contest in Japan, organized by the daily newspaper "Yomiouri Shimbun", competing with 7000 other works from seventeen countries. Not long after that, he won another first prize in a children's caricature competition "Little Pierre" in Belgrade, and shortly thereafter he was an honorary guest at the Belgrade "October Salon”. His poems and short stories have been published in daily newspapers "Blic", "Večernje novosti" and "Politika", he participated in recital and essay competitions, as well as school art exhibitions. He writes radio-plays (two were produced in the studio Faculty of Drama Arts - "The final tone of Mirko the Wire" and "Jazz underground"), plays, screenplays, short stories and poems. Between 1996 and 1999 he presented the leading children's television show ''DIM'' (Children's Information Magazine) on the national television channel RTS 2, while on weekends he was a guest of the show “Poštovana deco (Dear children)” on "Radio 202". From 2004 to 2006 he was the author and the presenter of a music show "Regemisija" on the Belgrade University radio ("BU Radio").
In January 2007, Vasja Stanković invented a Belgrade based character known as Detective Vaskez as part of a music program "OZMO" – The department for musical investigation. Belgrade TV channel “ENTER” accepted his concept of "the first Balkan music patrol“. In February of the same year, Vasja becomes a member of the team of screenwriter for the "Marko Zivić Show", which aired on Fox TV. In September of that year, he started working as a presenter and a screenwriter for short promotional programs "MTS News" which had been broadcasting on TV B92. He worked as a reporter during the filming of "Survivor Serbia 2009" in the Philippines.
Plays a bass guitar, is a passionate aquarists and terrarist, practices yoga and hopes to be one day, among others things, the first Serbian "gonzo" journalist. He is currently a final year student of dramaturgy at the FDU in Belgrade.

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