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Vassiliki-Maria Plavou is an architect, born in Trikala, Greece. She holds an M.Arch. from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and a Postgraduate Specialization Diploma (PSD) in Architectural Design, Department of Architecture, UTH. Her research interests focus on gendered geographies, as well as architectural operations in the digital era. Her texts have been featured at Kerb Journal and MAS CONTEXT. She has collaborated with Elias Zenghelis, X|Atelier (Erick Cárcamo, Nefeli Chatzimina), Ethel Baraona Pohl, César Reyes Nájera and Aristide Antonas. She has also been involved in graphic design and curatorial affairs. She is currently exploring bachelor machines in the artistic and architectural movements of the twentieth century.

Vassiliki-Maria is always interested in collaborating (online or not) with diverse practitioners from the spheres of art, architecture, new media, politics, journalism and cooking.

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