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Vaudeville Pictures offers the same thought, planning and creativity that we maintain in our own films for your corporate and commercial needs. From television or web spots (, to training videos (, to music videos (, we are the ones to turn to for your professional production needs.

Training Films:
As visual storytellers we approach each production as a narrative. This technique is especially effective in the case of the training film. By introducing your employees to interesting characters and engaging them with situations they face, or will face everyday your training film will inform through entertaining it’s audience. Instead of a page from a hand book with a what to do/not to do check list, the story and images from this visual presentation will stick with your team through out their work days.
For an example follow this link to see an excerpt of our production for LEGO BRAND RETAIL.

Our team of writers, musicians, actors, and multi-talented professionals all share in a common dream "To bring positive and inspired images to stages, homes, and businesses whether these images are purely for entertainment purposes, to convey a message or to preserve a memory."

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