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Verging on the fine line of Surrealism and highly stylized aesthetic conceptualization, Vault82, emerged as a hybrid of design creators and visual experiment practitioner. Founded in 2008 by Jay (Suphachet Tanaviranont) and Yoth (Pongspat Sukhumalchandr) “whoever you want to add gor add pai”, the company tried to achieve the intangibleness illustration of visual communication and conceptual arts, yet at the same time being flexible and realistic.

Here at Vault82, we do not confront an idea with just one resolution, we reconsider, reassemble, and revolve on what and why each components help to make better results.

As a small production house, it is true that in terms of scale we may not compete with the more respected firms, but by that, we are able to offer something more crude and ingenious. We make sure that every detail and elements are delicately put into place before every execution, making sure each factor will achieve its purpose.


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