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We consider ourselves to be an architectural laboratory. Analysis and experimentation with materials is a key element in our daily search for unique opportunities a particular material might afford, while location in its relationship with environment and materials is also integral. All are considered as totally interrelated in the evolutionary process. While we take a methodical approach to creativity, our primary focus, clearly identified, is the attainment of both simplicity and sensitivity within the finished structure, the suitability of the materials we have utilized, their ease of fusion into the building, their overall impact on the design, and the interrelationship one has to the other are tantamount to how we gauge the success of the project. The fusion must be seamless and flowing with no contrivance whatsoever. We are constantly striving to express the inherent qualities of the materials we use. We strive to highlight both the sensual and esoteric qualities they present while endeavoring to facilitate the evolution of a rich, rewarding and beautiful architectural experience. Our materials become integral to the overall impact we are striving for. We look for inspiration in all aspects of life and culture. All becoming relevant part and all exist as part of the design process. We never view architecture as simply a question of form creation. Our primary objective, indeed our entire raison dʼêtre is to provide an experience that tests the faculties. An experience that is oral, aural and sensually challenging. We wish to pose conundrums for peopleʼs perceptions and conceptions on what is and what might be. We seek to have our installations coupled with our material exploration mesh to create that perfect space, which adds to the environment in which it is set, enriching by its existence that very space. We achieve our ultimate goal when that edifice is deemed to enhance this very environment and its surroundings and generate a new understanding and comprehension of same. Our architectural goal, indeed our mission statement could be summarized as follows...
“utilization of material in a place where something new and exciting emerges perfectly at ease and truly belonging in its new realm”

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