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Here's what's happening with VBLAZIN MAGAZINE. We topped over 8.9 million readers worldwide. And still growing fast. We also would like to welcome Paul Cobo to our list of GREAT contributing photographers.

We're dabbling into Video Production and Editing as you can see here. Look for tons of new videos coming soon. Models if you want to help us learn the craft, and get a free Video done as well. Drop us a like he or at And look us up on Model Mayhem under: There you'll find work from our in-house photographer LMDB Studios.

Also the very last cover that the great George Hoffman shot was for VBLAZIN MAGZINE, and featured Hanina Love. He will be greatly missed. I was just going to call him to tell him know that one of his VBLAZIN covers will be used on the new Season of TV Lands "High School Reunion". Which features VB writer Jessica Garvin. It's running in the pomos now, and wil be airing in Febuary. And the show has been bought up by Warner Brothers, and should soon be seen on the WB networks. And this means even more exposure for all that come thru VB. Because there will be even more eyes watching.

Now you can be seen and be heard. Models, artists, and everyone in between come join the new VBLAZIN Network Just go to, and click on any of the Network links in the mag. On the network you can get casting call news for upcoming TV, movie, music, and other events, before it’s released anywhere else. Not just from us, but from casting directors, other magazines, and so many others. Just click the covers below and check out the NEW LOOK and latest issue. And join the network!

Keep yourself plugged in. Only in the hottest mag on the net. And remember " YOU'RE THE KING AND THE WORLD IS YOUR KINGDOM. ......RULE IT !!"....


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