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The graphic design department through its teaching, research, and service embraces its cross-cultural circumstance of being part of an American educational program within Qatar.

Its mission is to prepare students to play an influential role in the variety of disciplines that promotes a holistic view of the performance of design interventions and the design practices of the future.

We realize this through individual and collaborative investigations in —visual communications, problem seeking, creative problem solving, professional practice, theory, history, culture, and the self.

We strive to create an environment that continually motivates individuals to actively engage in exploring, inquiring, and contemplating the world around us.

We focus on experimentation, application and integration of new technologies, traditional practices, and interdisciplinary approaches within the curriculum so as to foster innovative, sustainable, and meaningful development of graphic design’s practice and culture within Qatar and the global stage.

We actively facilitate student learning in the areas of design problem seeking, problem solving, and explore methodologies that widen the scope of the students’ educational experience.

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