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::::: VDAS is.
Established in 1997 to instruct Broadcasting Design SBS(Seoul Broadcasting System) Academy, which formally had progress of producing nation’s leaders in the motiongraphics field became an independent institute called VDAS(Visual Design & Art School)and reopened on July 1st, 2008 to become a better professional institute than before.

VDAS is a professional art education institute in Visual Design Art. For Korea’s better design education environment, we tend to make a new path and provide a dream that motivate other people to become the professional designers.
We tend to focus on producing “Opinion Leader Designer” by applying curriculums based on the techniques that are commonly used in the professional work field only. It is the curriculum that no other institutes in Korea have used before.
By analyzing and researching the present and past day’s design, it provides an ability to visualize the futuristic design. Therefore, It leads to have the robust, in emotional power and the senses in their mind for designers.

::::: Ideal of VDAS
Student’s ardor, effort, creativity, and their pride are VDAS’s heritage. With the, 10-year-old know-how, we tend to mentor our students to become designers who are able to represent their best creative expression with respect.
VDAS provides an education for designers to have the sense that they are able to observe and analyze the market’s atmosphere so that they are able to produce the best artwork under any circumstances. By executing the techniques that are used in the industry, we bring out the confidence to work in the real industry in the fast phase with VDAS’s selected curriculums and instructors.
As VDAS excutes well formalized ethical designing concept to the students, it guides to the direction where students become a serious designer. Already, there are a lot of VDAS graduates who have grown as leaders who are able to innovate Korea’s new design perspective.
VDAS tends to work with top designer groups from the nation and the other countries to provide development in their designs.
VDAS runs with creative internship program. As the companies, which accepted the interns from VDAS, get efficient creative quality in their work as well-developed leaders. In order to graduate, students have to accomplish the mission they got from the company.

- ADDRESS : 3F, In-Sul B/D, #188-14, Myeong-ryun Dong 4-ga Jonrogu, Seoul, Korea

- TEL : +82 – 2 – 766 - 5100
- FAX : +82 – 2 – 766 - 1066
- URL : vdas.co.kr
- EMAIL : info@vdas.co.kr

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