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voice.zero (voice dot zero) is a unit launched in 2006 by OTSUKI Kouhei and OHYAMA Sohya (both born in 1985), who sat in front and behind each other during high school due to the placement of their respective names on the class roll. Using "eye copy," bugs, and other methods, they seek to create unprecedented images and visual experiences by using software in their own unique methods. They are active as part-time lecturers at the Tokyo University of the Arts, programmers, and gamers. 2010

We doing AV performance, Exhibit at museum and drinking beer in Japan.

PLZ give me a shout when you come to Japan.
and contact me info@vdz.jp

-Past AV performance-

Live at Interferenze Seeds Tokyo 2010
Date: June 26 (Sat), 27 (Sun), 2010 12:00 – 21:00
Location: VACANT Harajuku Tokyo
sound: Takashi Ikegami

VJ at BigBeachFestival'10
Date: June 06 (Sat) 2010
Location: Chiba Makuhari Kaihin Koen, Tokyo
DJ : Sasha

Live at ICC
Date: Jan 23 (Sat.), 2010 14:00
Location: NTT InterCommunication Center? 4F Special stage
sound: evala

VJ with Tripon (Daito manabe + TCY + Vokoi) at Metamorphose Festival 09
Date: Sep 05 (Sat.), 2009 23:00
Location: "Shizuoka" Izu japan cycle sports center
DJ : Gilles Peterson

- Past Exhibition -
emergencies! 013
voice.zero "super-ultra-great-media-art.org" site
Date: December 12 (Sat.), 2009 - February 28 (Sun.), 2010
Location: NTT InterCommunication Center

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