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Vecchiato Art Galleries is a group of Galleries in constant development and research.

It comprehends two complementary realities, Vecchiato New and Vecchiato Historical. These two galleries work together to organize and promote both Historical and International artists and the emerging ones.

The gallery’s interest moved also toward Contemporary Chinese Art, presenting their current tendencies and researches.

The Gallery Collection comprehends the main masters of the artistic movements of the 19th Century, from the Spacelism to the Informal, from the Noveau Realisme to the Art Brut, from the Trans-vanguard to the Pop-Art, from the Conceptual Art to the Action Painting (with Fontana, Afro, Burri, Vedova, Mathieu, Arman, Spoerri, Hains, Christo, Pistoletto, De Dominicis, Cucchi, Warhol, Basquiat, Tobey, Sam Francis, and many others), that are considered the main chief of the aesthetic research of this last fifty years.

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