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Vectorform is a global design and technology firm specializing in emerging digital experiences for the world’s leading brands.

Spanning mobile, video game, desktop, online, in-vehicle and next-generation platforms, Vectorform:

– Wins market share for big brands like BMW and NBC, with experiences and games for iPad, iPhone 4, Windows 7, Microsoft Surface, Kinect for Xbox 360 and more.

– Revolutionizes healthcare with new solutions for cancer screening, neurological rehabilitation, informed patient consent and remote rehabilitation, enabled by speech, motion, gesture and touch interactions.

– Rethinks professional service solutions to help The Associated Press, Microsoft and other industry leaders get up-close and personal with customers, partners, employees and the media.

– Drives in-vehicle innovation with remote vehicle management apps, next-generation dashboards and connected driver experiences for Ford, Chrysler and other automakers.

Vectorform was founded in 1999 and has studios in Seattle, Detroit, New York, Munich and Hyderabad. As an elite team of artists, engineers, entrepreneurs and intellectuals, Vectorform’s mission is to create the next iconic experience.

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