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The ugliness of the present has value retroactive.
Karl Kraus

1. We live in the world of the Market and its crisis with no solution. Immersed in a self-praise monologue, an uninterrupted speech that the Market makes on itself. Like the prisoners of the story "In the Penal Colony"by Kafka, we are stuck in a machine that engraves the Law all over our body.

2. We believe that artistic research is the false consciousness of those who can not take advantage of the Market, but only suffer it. Even those who spit on art, who theorize about its end, or who are very pure and socially committed, in the end enjoy it by going if they can into a small gallery, in a unknown collection, to a peripheral theater.

3. We are against any romantic idea about art. We hate the genius and unruliness, the prophetic artist, poses as an artist. Genius is rigorous and does what he can. We hate eternity and we are for the ephemeral. Only the things that pass are those that remain. We prefer to think of our work on the shelf of a bathroom rather than in a large museum.

4. 1. We believe that contemporary art has no ontological knowledge of itself, but is only technical, instrumental and procedural, and that puts its greatest commitment into relathionships and technical and operational effectiveness. The greatest merit of today's artist is in removing the shame and the pride of art, denying to himself and to his work a horizon of truth. No one today can seriously imagine that art will save the world, nor understand life or replace it. This is our conquest of freedom, immersed in the Market.

5. We are not interested in taste, sensitivity and culture because we are not interested in the narrow circles, art lovers, beautiful magazines. We are interested in talking to many people, staying on the street, being accessible to all. We do not care about elevated discussions, we are interested in selling. But the two things coincide in the Market. Against any type of intellectualism, the immediate sensitivity is our land and the Market is our language.

6. To reach everyone we accept the Market forms of communication, to profit from our work we adapt to the image of thedominant. We want to describe as simply as possible, cynically, what is around us, which we breathe from our birth: the Market. What our Customers do does not interest us. If it is used for their own pleasure, to praise the market or to counter-attack it, or if it is used to prop up a table or cover a stain on the wall, or as an ashtray, we do not care.

7. We want to be in the Market like fish in water and claim that we do not to want to hide this, it’s our choice. We are prepared to contradict ourselves, not delude ourselves.

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