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Auto Watchdog Electronics Co Ltd, a professional Mobile Digital Video Recorder (Mobile DVR) and Bus Passenger Counter provider in China, devoting to spreading vehicle security solution & knowledge to every corner in the world, Our teams have rich experience in research, test, market and maintenance for many years.

Watchdog provide the suitable security and passenger counter equipments and solutions for clients' different requirements. It supplys the public and private sectors with in-vehicle CCTV system to enhance vehicle safety, reduce risk, improve productivity, and maximize profit. Different from other suppliers, we can provide private drivers and bus fleet operators the most reliable but economical solutions.

From the passenger , public transit, police car, commuting bus, school bus, bank truck, to logistic truck and mining machines and first time rescue organization rely on our mobile digital video recorder for evidentiary video and audio data in the event of accident or claim. Our 3G and WIFI mobile digital video recorders (Mobile DVR) also server fleet operators a new view of security management by the help of our CMS and vehicle CCTV system. And our Auto Video Passenger Counter (APC) can aid bus fleet boss to create more values.

Our solutions may reduce moving and backing accidents; prevent fraudulent claims and frivolous lawsuits; discourage vandalism and other crimes; and counter threats to public security, control the passenger flow and show specific advertisement target hot stop. We are here to listen to your requirements and share our experience with you.

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