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We are the bastard children of Pop Culture. The Red Carpet rejects. We are full of contradictions and all that is human. We have experienced fame and found it lacking due to the fact that it was a self-centered endeavor that left us to face despair like never before. Our past accomplishments include, Smoking cigarettes with Lindsay Lohan, Drinking away a portion of publishing on history’s fastest selling record, weekends with Vanilla Ice, Shooting Pauly Shore (with a camera), attempting to kick Prince’s ass while working for him, and living in a Philippine squatter village while meeting with labels.

We are VEIL! A sober (now), rebellious, group of musicians that formed as a result of crossing paths during our individual work with several major recording artists. We are setting out on this venture to unite with others who wish to take the journey to a place where we no longer have to fight the demons in ourselves or others. To come out from behind the VEIL that is comprised of the opinion of others, what we have been taught, what we have been encouraged to be, and all other aspects that make up our false selves. We hope you will join us.

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